1. Microsoft Won’t Sue Linux Users, Company Exec Says
  2. Linus Torvalds Responds To Microsoft Patent Claims
  3. Why software commoditisation is a myth
  4. Ooh, ooh, the bogeyman is gonna getcha with his stupid patents. Or maybe not.
  5. Chess Bump: The triumphant teamwork of humans and computers.
  6. Microsoft takes on the free world
  7. Rethinking the Linux Distribution
  8. AMD will deliver open graphics drivers
  9. The Future of Mozilla Matters
  10. Microsoft director out to ‘debunk mythology around open source’
  11. Why does Google remember information about searches?
  12. Digg Life: How Social Media Will Change the World
  13. Red Hat to build ‘Global Desktop’
  14. Does JavaFX Spell The End Of AJAX?
  15. Mozilla CEO speaks out on future of Firefox
  16. Mono developers to bring Silverlight to Linux
  17. Top 17 Search Innovations Outside Of Google
  18. Open vs. Closed Source: There Really is No Competition
  19. “Spare Cycles” or Selfless Souls?
  20. Linux: It’s Not Just For Computer Geeks Anymore
  21. AI will surpass human intelligence after 2020
  22. Should Copyright Be Abolished?
  23. Microsoft Memories
  24. Ubuntu: Too Good to be True?
  25. Super-fast RDF search engine developed.

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