November 4, 2007

I was so surprised to hear my name getting called when the prof handed out the test results. The five students who were called stood up to get their prizes, and later were praised again to get special treats, a choice of one Hershey or sweet candy. Anyway, I was not expecting that to happen, I was merely trying my best to keep my grade at a respectable level, but I never thought it would go up this high.

And what was way even cooler was the fact that most of my solutions, rather financial statements are stored in Google spreadsheet. I have access to it anywhere there is a network.

On another note, I’ve finally decided the UI will be developed using Flex Builder 2.0, which is were I’m at at the moment. I did manage to figure out how to code an event handler for send()’ing and receive()’ing webservice calls, though. The hard part was figuring out how to cast the result object to an Array object, that is still probably one thing the Adobe engineers could work on, though. Make it more simpler to handle result objects.

Database-wise, the schema is already setup, the instance running on Dev, what is basically missing is finishing the webservice code for testing access times for setting up the index. Initially, the free accounting package will launch to target small service business, employing about 5 to 50 employees with gross revenue within the range of $100 to $1,000,000. That means a positive net income on your Income Statement. Well, it’s much better if the business is still in the red, though. They will probably need a free tool like this one to play around with.


While having a light snack, I had a small debate with my old man who is paying a visit. Here are my arguments:

  1. FACT: The term education came from the latin word educare, to guide.

  2. FACT: One who is considered a professor in class is an educator, a guide.

  3. FACT: Basically the prof’s purpose is to guide the students to the right path.

  4. When students don’t get high grades, it shows they are not being guided properly.

  5. Whereas, poor performance in test scores mean the professor failed to guide his students study the concepts correctly.

  6. Conversely, high performance in test scores mean the professor is doing the job guiding students to the right path.

  7. Therefore, the professor is liable for the students low test scores, for failing to guide students to the right path.

  8. So, If you get a low grade, it is the teacher’s fault.



The Right To Compete In A Mature Market

November 3, 2007

It looks like I may have chosen the wrong product cycle stage in the example I wrote in the discussion. What is finally coming down to is definitely this one: that the market is already mature and the marketing strategy being employed by my example company is based on price, more specifically getting efficiency up while competing in price–yes, a price war.

What initially I had in mind was a product ramping up growth, in which growth is increasing alongside profits.  Yes, the company I described may have changed plans several times, but the market it is competing in is still the same market, having the same set of competitors.

Marked by declining profits, the company will play the race-to-the-bottom game in order to grab a slice of the pie, which translates to even more saturation. I have not heard any news from management how this will eventually drive the competition to the ground, and when that happens, I am sure the status quo will change into our favor.

This is the reality being played in the market. Product cycles define the behavior of competing businesses, an environment where there are less winners and significantly more losers.

The example I gave was taken from the real world, my own experience as a developer and close friend of the owners of company. I never thought I would use this one as an example for this class, though. It’s just that it sometimes makes me wonder how the ideas I get from the classroom have significantly widened my view about the realities of business.