May 31, 2007

Two books read during the weekend turned-out to be pretty good.

The Great Depression

I’ve always wondered about this period of American history when markets collapsed and a period of economic hardships set-in. This book laid out the story how it happened, who were involved and what actions they took to turn the economy around.

the Social Security Act seemed like the poorman’s solution for the poor, to the exclusion of the employers (rich) who were holding much of the economy. A grim reminder that markets left unchecked will lead to this situation. It’s like a universal behavior common to every man, “let’s kick the man while he’s down.”

More proof that markets do not and cannot deal with pessimism, and is not resilient to attacks from speculators or manipulators who wish to gain by any means. Moreover, markets do not have the ability to self-correct using crude tools like supply-and-demand.

The US may have tipped to becoming Red were it not for the methods employed by Roosevelt. The reforms instituted during his first 100 days were socialist in idealogy, except that it had to be re-branded to fit the American mind.

A Global History of Architecture

I’ve never thought human history can be told through the eyes of architecture.

I’m simply led to conclude that man’s belief translate very well to man-made structures, resonating to every piece that is made. The architecture of a civilization clearly show patterns upon which beliefs resonated so well. I found the early history to be entirely dominated by the female goddess, with the exception of Egypt who went with their own brand of theology.