Dear Diary…

It has been several days and stuff has happened, let me write them down in no particular order

Marketing Stuff

It’s really hard pulling a stunt with basically no money involved. Ask anyone you meet on the street about buzzing with no money backing and you’ll definitely get lol’ed out of the street. Anyway, my partner-in-crime seems to be playing the role of a heckler in the peanut gallery. I just wished he would see the situation in a different angle. But then, I re-iterated I will not part with my hard-earned dinero with the suggestion he was trying to make. No way, Jose. Not with that kind of idea.

I made a bet with him that if things worked-out pretty good for this no-money-involved marketing plan, the money generated from that campaign will all funnel into my account. He gave another laugh but this time he agreed to join-in and pledged his support creating more content. I told him I’ll have to buy a monk’s habit to prove my point.

A New Model for 태 권 도 

I was chatting with this guy while playing in the gym and told him about the status quo of TKD (태권도)  and how it should flow in a different direction. He started getting serious about it and found out he wanted to explore that area. We’ve been talking lightly about it for several months now and word spread around to several people with a few verbalizing their interest. Yesterday night, he gave me his email and mentioned some concrete plans on how he would like to move the concept forward. Again, I re-iterated the commitment he was about to make and said “This stuff is cool, let’s make it happen sooner.”

Someone (can’t mention his name) overheard the conversation and said “I do MMA, let’s do it now.” And I replied “Whoa, not too fast there my friend, there is a place and time for this. Let’s act like gentlemen here.” He winked at me and gave a grin, “come on, let’s get this thing going, here’s my email.”

“Everyone will sign a waiver.” Exactly the point, why would one get in and not sign a waiver. And secondly, once this thing gets in motion “there will be no more talk about this.”


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