Book: Math/Physics For Game Developers

I bought this book several months back thinking it will fill-in big gaps needed to complete my understanding about the subject. At last, after painstakingly going over pages and working-through the combinations, I can finally say this book did the job in bringing me nearer to enlightenement, though.

So, what is this book I’m writing about. Well, let me tell you more about this book more before I give it off to you right away.  You have to stay in that chair a little longer. So stay!

Chapter One was basically intro with a clear start on points and lines. Typical high school material was covered in this section. Stuff like point-slope and slope-intercept were discussed to the bone here. You will surely end up feeling like a slope genius when you finally reach the last sentence, though.

Well, let’s see there’s about 14 chapters in the book and if I write 14 paragraphs describing each, that will probably blow-up my entry. I guess I really need to just write about my favorite part, the one that really brought it home.

Ok, the most interesting topic went to…drumroll…matrix operations! Followed by newtonian mechanics including energy and rotational equations.

So here it is: Click this line to see The Book


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