Crunch Time

September 7, 2007


We passed the crunch and somehow glad to know I’m still in one piece. The experience we went through was highly intense, enough to sink the entire ship. But, at the end of the day, we finally broke through the thick fog to finish and deliver the code–ON TIME! 

I really would like to write the details, the intense emotions of my teammates. That experience probably showed a lot of how we worked as a team. But I’m not really good at describing intense emotional moments, the thought of not getting it right in time for QA and demo.

One quality or trait required to pull this through is this thing called optimism, you have to have a lot of it, no matter how grave or impossible the situation is, you have to believe you will make it.

Man, I wish that was the last we will ever do.

I wish there is a way of not going through crunch time.

Maybe it’s part of the culture?

Wait until crunch time, then work like hell to finish the job.

What do I know, this practice has been going on since forever.  All I know is the code gets completed and delivered during crunch time.