Alpha Test: Server-Side Code

I got the design narrowed down to its basic form, with only the needed feature coded for this test. I chose to write the first one to sit on an el-cheapo GoDaddy Windows Server. Then someone mentioned I shouldn’t do it because it will flood the box with hundreds of requests (i.e. webservice calls). So I changed my mind and built a test Windows Server just for that. The effort alone took several days to complete. And now I got the server side code sitting nice and pretty.

The first round of testing will be writing a client. I’ll cut a FlashMX/Flex client first and see how fast the server can dish-out Zone States via SOAP. I got a sample code already with only minor code tweaks needed to implement SOAP server interface.

The second round is another test using IrrLicht library. There is a sample code for loading Quake level maps and one low-poly actor mesh.

I’ll work on the setting-up the Linux server code next week.


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