Research Project With A New Website

Recently, a lot of interesting things have been going on, in relation to my pet projects which seems to be occupying most of it. It’s like a second job except this one doesn’t pay and it doesn’t have any business/commercial value. It’s very boring, as I’ve tried describing it to several young people and all I got was a couple yawns and stares.

Most of the tools I now use are either MIT or L/GPL. I’ve finally got rid of the ones with some royalties stipulated on the license, so I’ve come to a point where most of the stuff I’m dealing can be used freely, which is what this weblog is all about.

At this point, choosing the right network lib is still up in the air, so I’ll keep working with several API libs close until I see the one that will outshine everyone.

Also, I found out setting-up the correct numerical values to fit the V=IR formula was not a walk-in-the-park, partly because I saw something that may throw the entire system off, and that one was the figuring-in vectors and all that LinAlge stuff.

Upload values can be calculated easily as given, with packet size also a given, the remaining values can the calculated to figure the parameters for setting-up a zone. The thing to watch out for are the nodes that attach to zones, so the code may have to keep track of what node is connecting and where they are connecting.

Then someone mentioned a number representing the ceiling for a given zone, it turned out to be 16 connections per zone, excluding other parameters.

I’ve found several forums dealing with these kinds of stuff, though. I’ll just have to lurk more and read the stuff their talking about.


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