Thinking About Stuff

I’ve been busy with work and aside from that, here are some of the wacky things I’m looking into. Not necessarily bone-shattering nor biblical in proportion, it’s just a simple idea that may or may not happen.

BitStreams In UDP

I think packet bitstream is definitely the solution I was looking for, simply creating the object and writing to it is OK compared to casting structs to char, though. Sending it to the cloud using p2p topology. I’ve spent several hours already just fooling around with this technique and it might be good to do some benchmarks just how many users can it handle before it starts to break.

SOAP v. Roll-your-own UDP Library

Searching about perf numbers comparing SOAP and a Network Library returned zero. I’m guessing there is a big difference between the two nobody has even tried writing an article about it.

Manual Patching v. Auto Patching

Given a world wherein N servers dealing with untrusted M clients, the idea of a distributed patching system could mean a very complicated one. Though if there is a way of reducing the number of untrusted clients to zero then auto patching can be simple.

One World v. Multi Worlds

It would be nice to start off with a one-world implementation and then later on, use the experience learned from the one-world design to come up with multi-world implementation.

Writing The History

The exciting part of it is writing the history of it. The explosion of this technology and the rate of it spreading is simply amazing. It won’t be long before a new wave will come this way.


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