Nobody Knows You’re Four-teen On The Internet

July 27, 2007

One of the first maxim of this so-called lifestyle was derived from the truism: Nobody knows you’re a dog on the internet. If you’re fourteen and want to become a really smart math-wiz programmer, then take the first maxim as your pill to freedom.

The corollary to that is simply: Nobody wants to hire a fourteen year old. Teen-age economy is basically a consumer ecomony when you’re fourteen, you’re basically damned to sit through long hours of boredom with the short moments of excitement, like going to the mall or something. But there’s an alternative to that boring economic state. Become a really good math-wiz programmer, then create a really cool 3D program and by the time you’re sixteen–you never know–you are already a millionaire.

Though you have to do this in utmost secrecy. You will never tell your friends you have this lifestyle, because nobody should know you’re doing this thing when you’re fourteen.

And if you blow it, then say goodbye to your rep and be eternally damned to being labeled as a freak. Your guitar playing friends who bask in the melodies of Dep Leppard and Others, singing to the tune of ‘Wee Don nee no educa-shun…yo juz a brik in the wo’ will see you then as a leper. Goodbye freak.

This is the time to do it, use that time to develop that skill, hidden and covered. By the time you’re ready, you’ll be smoking them while they figure out what eigenvectors are.


Four-teen Is The Perfect Starting Age

July 27, 2007

I had a long chat with a teen about starting a new lifestyle, called the teen geek lifestyle. Similar to a closet personality, developed in secrecy, hidden in the innermost chambers, shovelling away tons of code.

The Summer of 2007 is the perfect season to start it off. Mostly it will deal with lots of programming concepts and math (linear algeb) before going to 3D. That’s basically it for Summer 2007. It’s now set to go tomorrow, using those precious hours to digging math and coding concepts instead of wasting it to other stuff, but of course, everything in moderation.

Things Rattling Inside My Head

July 11, 2007

These are some of the things going around my head, which probably needs to be written and forgotten.

Variable Declaration

We’ve been chatting about variable declarations yesterday and somehow it got into the sensitive part of personal styles. The thing though was the code was meant to be shared among developers and that made it even more sensitive.

So, he’s a big fan of the verbose variable naming, which really sounds like a nail-scratching-off-the-board kind of thing. I still don’t understand why would someone punish himself for having to write long variable names. But hey, code is meant to be shared and these things will always get in the middle of arguments, though.

 Here’s a little bit of history. The variable ‘I’ or ‘i’ is recognized as something coming from a tradition, that also goes with the variable letter J, K, M and N. I won’t go further describing the details, but then these will a ring a bell to those who were part of this tradition.

To go further, there is another cult or tradition wherein variables have this underscore character to separate words. They look funny coming from another tradition, but once you immerse yourself in this cult you’ll feel better. Anyway…

 Going back, I couldn’t believe how long and tedious the effort went. This is going to be a long and painful coding for him.

An Interesting Story

I think it was yesterday or was it the other day when we were told of the story, how he joined Apple and became OK (successful) in his work. he didn’t elaborate more of it, maybe he’ll tell more in the future. The interesting part of the story was how that changed his life for the better.

Interesting to know there is someone here who can tell stories about Apple in those days.

To Be: Go To School

Finally, I got myself admitted to attend a class in Fall 2007.

I’m hoping to get more and learn more about this research I’m trying to work-in. This is not part of any paid work, but a personal ambition of simply knowing something that will hopefully make my life a little better.

Selfish? You betcha.

It’s really kind of strange to hear someone who is trying to escape school, wanting to leave the crap behind and go and make a buck in the real world. While here I am going back school to learn more and perhaps collaborate with those who are really into it.

I mean, you can look at it this way, there will be students who will be seeing school as some form of prison and professors as some form of authoritarian megalomaniac drooling over his students.

Two worlds, man.

Two worlds. 

 Right there.


Feels better now.