Recent News

You know what it’s like to be engaged in an intensely consuming problem. Days rolled-by as if they were like uniform markings, though at the end of it the solution finally emerged.

My senior mate who happens to be the co-owner of the company seems to be caught in a knot. The double-edged sword of cutting-edge technology cuts both ways. The steep learning curve seems to be the weight on hercules’ back. But then , of course, that’s what we’re here for, mitigating the impact brought about by the new-tech shock.


I’ve been knee-deep into the math of 3D and 2D as well. Along with Mesalib, the tedium of repetition and the cacophony of formulae have pinned me to this sad sorry state. Oh, what is going on here? Why do I have to find the region bounded by a non-triangular mesh?

QA Tool

The new test-and-verify tool finally saw its first run through a series of test cases. It afforded me to cut the time of manually sizing it down to simple clicking of fancy-schmancy icons.

Are wa dattebayo?!  — Naruto

From the tune of ‘turning japanese.’

Watching anime is absolutely a good method of learning japanese. It turned out I had to borrow several books from the local library just to get several colloqualism of Naruto sorted out.


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