Testing And Verification

Development of the testing and verification tool is going-on at the moment. The initial code developed to take snapshots of an avatar’s global and local variables have been tested and are now being optimized.

The screenshot below show a basic render of an avatar’s bag, containing elements (in rectangles) having specific properties (oblong shape).

This is basically a developer tool used for looking into the simulacra.

With this tool, I can plug-in or connect to an avatar’s reality and then query this reality without having to enter as a spirit.

Of course, I’m using a different set of vocab to describe this interesting work. Meta-physics is such a nice set of terms to describe it, though.

 Intel Developer Manuals

It’s funny that I found myself reading the Intel Developer Manual once again. I couldn’t resist the urge to read the new stuff that came out recently, having to find new subsystems added to support newer features.

It looks like Intel’s roadmap for programming these systems are going the Multi-core route, called parallel programming.

Multi-Core Programming

You know, the Sony multi-core game console branded as PS/3 looks very interesting. In fact, I got the bill approved from Congress recently about the purchase of this great development environment. Not to mention the fact that this is also a game machine, capable of spewing out millions of polygons at breakneck speed.


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