A Modified Grameen-Network Model For Sotfware Development

The Grameen Model emerged from the grassroots providing the poor with enough credit to lift themselves out of poverty. Founded by Prof. Mohammed Yunus in Bangladesh, the Grameen model became widely accepted and succesful.

The key to the Model’s proven methodology revolve around the term Micro, as in micro-finance and micro-credit. The small, incremental steps allow the poor to exercise entrepreneural skills that will ultimately result to higher standard of living.

Although the target implementation were the women of Bangladesh, this model may also work when mated with the concepts relating to software development.

We have established a project to deal with this concept, but what we learned from this project was it took a lot of activism and money just to get the materials prepared.

We’ll deal with this concept head-on, with the idea on integrating the Grameen Model into the mix.

Recruitment will definitely go on.


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